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When 'too good to be true' is actually TRUE!

A Yes Skiwax story.

No iron wax, no scraping, no brushing, no garbage, no breathing in dust, cheaper per ski, 5X quicker to wax per ski, and faster on the snow.  It sounds like a late night infomercial.

In March of 2016 I had the rare opportunity to be a "coach in training" for a day at Ski Tour Canada (World Cup).  I was standing outside one team's waxing truck when three men, in full gas masks, came walking out.  They removed their masks and inhaled the fresh air.

I walked over to another team’s wax cabin and hesitantly looked inside the open door expecting to see a similar situation.  I couldn’t believe it.  No gas masks, no smoke or fumes, and no ventilation systems.  Just a few wax techs looking relaxed and having fun waxing skis in a way I had never seen before.

I couldn’t overcome my curiosity.  I knocked, introduced myself, and asked if I would be allowed to watch them prepare their skis.  It was a dream come true as the wax techs kindly ushered me inside their cabin, allowing me to observe the new Yes Skiwax ROTO System they were using.

All of those things I said before that sounded like an infomercial were actually true! And Yes Skiwax was what they were using at the World Cup!

As a wax tech, club coach, school coach, and husband/parent of four avid skiers, I have spent countless hours... and hours and hours... waxing skis. Iron, scrape, brush, repeat.  I do enjoy waxing skis, but if there's a better way I'm going to take it.

Immediately upon my return from Ski Tour Canada I contacted Yes Skiwax, an Italian company, inquiring as to how to get my hands on their products ASAP.

As it turned out they were looking for someone to distribute and sell in North America.  I am now that "someone" and I look forward to working with you, helping you acquire these amazing products so you can spend more time on the trails.

Have fun waxing, but more fun skiing.

- Jeff from The Prairie Ski Team.



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