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Q. How long does it take to wax a pair of skis?

A. On average, to clean, wax and polish will take about 2 to 4 minutes per ski. The more you use the system the more efficient you will become.

Q. How many waxes can I get from using one 10g wax?

A. You should expect to get close to 200 pairs of skis out of one 10g wax. 

Q. What is the longest race I can do with this wax?

A. The distance varies with snow conditions, but 50km would be the upper range. 

Q. Do I need a new wool fleecy for every different ROTO wax I have?

A. You cannot mix waxes on the fleecy! You can either have one fleecy with each wax (make sure to label each one) OR you can dry-clean the fleecy before using a new wax range on it.

Q. Do I need to clean the ski each time I use this wax?

A. Yes. You want to start with a clean base before application. Cleaning the ski will maximize effectiveness of the wax, leading to faster skis.

Q. In which temperature ranges does Yes Skiwax work best? Can it work in extreme COLD?

A. We're glad you asked that. Yes Skiwax is a High Fluoro wax which means it works best when the moisture in the snow is higher.  It can be used at all temperatures but expect to see the biggest gains when used in temperatures warmer than -10°C.  We plan to do extensive testing with the wax in our extreme cold weather laboratory - Winnipeg!  (Stay tuned for more info on Facebook and Twitter.)

Q. I'm happy with my current brand of glide wax, why should I switch?

A.  If you have used the same wax for years and know how it runs in every condition, and if you enjoy ironing, scraping, brushing and don’t have many skis to wax, there is no need to switch brands.

This system is made for skiers in 4 categories:

1) Racers - skiers who want the fastest skis on race day.
2) Clubs/stores with a large number of skis to wax.
3) Skiers who just don’t like spending time waxing.
4) Skiers who get grief from their spouses about the amount of mess they make from scraping.

Q. Is there a difference between Master Wax and Yes Skiwax?

A. Yes! The wax itself is where the big difference is between these two companies. Yes Skiwax has the patent for Giorgio Girardi's special molecular formula that has made Yes Skiwax the "go to" wax on the World Cup.  With Yes Skiwax, you won't see the usual fingerprints on the waxed ski base because the oily parts get rejected resulting in extremely fast skis.

Q. I've heard about the benefits of Yes Skiwax and want to give it a try.  What products do you recommend to start off?

A. Here are a few suggestions:

 ROTO Drill Kit

A perfect fit for single users, families, schools, shops and club teams. It comes with a drill handle, drill cork, 3 wool fleecies (75mm), and three 10g waxes (ROTO 4, 7,10) which cover the temperature range. If you plan to race, you would want to add the ROTO 2 & 3 to cover all conditions. Ski cleaner and some lint-free cloth would give you everything you need to ski, train or race at a local, provincial/state or National level.

10g wax would be sufficient for single users and families. 

Clubs, ski shops and school teams would benefit by buying the 20g wax as it would be more economical. 

ROTO Drill Kit Team

    Ideal for High-Level Ski Racers who are aiming for the podium at Regional, National or International events.  This kit comes with a drill handle, 4 wool fleecies (89mm), and 4 ROTO waxes (Roto F2015 5, F2015 5 black, F2015 10 black, F2015 20 black).  Most clubs who have this system also carry the ROTO wax line. This covers all temperature ranges and snow conditions. 

    ROTO Engine Team

    Ideal for clubs, schools and shops who have a dedicated waxing area and many skis to wax. Durable and long lasting.

    Q. Okay, now that I have bought the ROTO Drill kit system, should I get rid of all my old wax and tools?

    A. Definitely NOT. You will still need your waxing tools for putting on and taking off travel and storage wax. Also, in very cold temperatures paraffin/low fluoro wax may run faster. (We're going to check on that one.)