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"The YES waxing system is the best thing to happen to glide waxing since I started waxing skis over 40 years ago. It is super fast to apply, safer, not nearly as messy, overall less expensive and best of all - our skis are super fast every race. At Team Hardwood we are fully committed to waxing with this system."   

Jack Sasseville  4 x Olympic XC Ski coach, 5x Olympic broadcaster, Team Hardwood Head Coach

"I tested the Prairie Ski Cleaner this Spring when I went to Penticton for a Para camp. The conditions were extremely dirty and skis would come back black.  I tried a few different cleaners on the glide zones and the Prairie Ski Cleaner was the best at keeping dirt off the skis. Most of the others left a residue that seemed to cause dirt, and other things, to stick. I was quite impressed with how it worked. It was great at preventing dirt pickup and of course has the advantage of being environmentally friendly. I also love that I can take it with me in my wax box on the plane".

Ian Daffern - Canadian Para Nordic Head Wax Technician