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High Performance Base Cleaner

Prairie Ski

High Performance Base Cleaner


A Friend of the Environment Product

Introducing our very own biodegradable, non toxic, base cleaner. 

This product has no dangerous vapours, no residue, and has proven to be an extremely effective base cleaner.  In addition, our cleaner is travel-safe and works for both glide and grip zones.


"I tested the Prairie Ski Cleaner this Spring when I went to Penticton for a Para camp. The conditions were extremely dirty and skis would come back black.  I tried a few different cleaners on the glide zones and the Prairie Ski Cleaner was the best at keeping dirt off the skis. Most of the others left a residue that seemed to cause dirt, and other things, to stick. I was quite impressed with how it worked. It was great at preventing dirt pickup and of course has the advantage of being environmentally friendly. I also love that I can take it with me in my wax box on the plane".

Ian Daffern - Canadian Para Nordic Head Wax Technician


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